Racking Systems


Frazier - Cantilever Racks

No other cantilever storage system can match the space-saving versatility and accessibility of FRAZIER’s Klamp/Fast®. While other rack systems are locked into set increments, Frazier offers infinitely adjustable arms that can be positioned exactly where needed. Frazier’s infinitely adjustable arms allow you to determine the exact position of your cantilever system’s arms. In doing this, Frazier achieves the maximum storage density; no vertical space is wasted. Made of 100% structural steel, Frazier is a heavy-duty rack system built to last in high traffic environments. In addition to durability bonuses, the incorporation of structural steel allows Frazier to hold capacities of 250,000 pounds and more.


Fehr Racks - Fully Automated

 The fehr honeycomb shelving system is ideal for large quantities of rod and sheet materials – especially if high access speeds are necessary. This extremely efficient system works according to the principle of exchangeable cassettes and can be operated fully automatically and networked. What makes the concept stand out is its absolute consistency and easy handling. The fehr honeycomb system makes optimum use of the available space thanks to a minimum approach dimension, even with cassettes of different dimensions. No other warehousing system offers more capacity with such a small space requirement. 


Interlake (Mecalux) - Pallet Racks

Interlake Mecalux pallet racking comes with either bolted or boltless (welded) frames. The company's patented beam-to-frame connection creates the most rigid, reliable structure available. In addition, it provides exceptional protection against damage, tampering, as well as accidental beam disengagement.

We only use high-strength steel, certified to meet the strictest specifications. All weld operations are controlled through advanced robotics or performed by welders certified to AWS Standards. Baked enamel finishes and a durable powder coating ensure a long service life of rack systems, even under the most demanding industrial conditions.

Plate Rem Pit Racks

Stanchion Racks/Rem Pit Racks

 Precision Millwright designs custom stanchion racks to help customers organize their plate stock.  We have recessed racks that lay below the floor with "cat walks" or standard racks where they sit in the ground and point upwards.  All racks are fabricated with Structural Steel.   


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